About the Network

What does the network aim to do?

DDP Network provides information about DDP from across the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, mainland Europe and Australia.

It aims to keep therapists, practitioners and parents up to date with information about the therapy, the parenting approach, research developments, training courses, study days and conferences.

In the Resource Library relevant books, articles and resources are collected together in one place so practitioners can find out about trauma, attachment, intersubjectivity and interpersonal neurobiology as well as about DDP and other relationship-based approaches.

It aims to enable practitioners to share their ideas and work with others. One way it does this is freely sharing unpublished papers, practice ideas, articles written about all aspects of Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy, Parenting and Practice via the Resource Library under Available to Download.

It provides information for individuals about how to become certified as a Practitioner, Consultant or Trainer in DDP.

It includes separate sites for the USA and Canada, and for the UK. This means that information can be provided at a local level, such as about training, how to find a therapist or practitioner, supervision groups and regional DDP interest groups.

How did it begin?

The idea for DDP Network arose in the UK in 2010 with DDP Consultants receiving many requests for information about all aspects of DDP. This was helped in part by running a regular DDP-UK Newsletter by email, using a mailing list with over 500 members. The UK DDP newsletter now has over 3000 subscribers.

Interest in DDP continued to grow in the UK with successful DDP Study Days as well as a 2-day residential DDP conference in June 2012 in Manchester. The interest in and support for a website to enable open and easy access to relevant information was clear. Initially this website aimed to collect together relevant information about DDP in the UK for practitioners and parents.

By winter 2012, it was agreed that the website would also include information about DDP in USA, Canada, Ireland, mainland Europe and Australia as well as information about the DDP certification process previously included in the Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy Institute (DDPI) website.

In April 2017, DDP Connects UK was established. This not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC) organises and develops the work of DDP in the UK.

DDP Network is now an international website relevant for all countries interested in DDP.