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Dan Hughes provides DDP Core training in Australia

23 April 2014

Dan Hughes visited Australia for the second time in February 2014.

The Australian Childhood Foundation (ACF) sponsored Dan to provide training in four sites, two in Melbourne (one with their therapists from Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, and Hobart, and one with independent Melbourne area therapists), one in Sydney and one in Perth. Brisbane had therapists in attendance in both Sydney and Melbourne.

In the four sites there were a total of 109 therapists.  These training sessions were days 3-5 of the 8 day DDP core training. All are returning for the final three days in August with many interested in then moving toward certification as Practitioners in DDP.

The ACF is a well respected agency in Australia dealing with abuse and neglect, providing services to children who need specialised help and support.

They are sponsoring the Unique International Trauma Conference at the Melbourne Conference Centre in August. Both Kim Golding and Dan are to be Keynote Speakers as well as presenting masterclass workshops.

More information can be found at the Unique International Trauma Conference website.