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Kim Golding to tour Australia and New Zealand this summer

7 May 2014
Melbourne Skyline and Princes Bridge © Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0

Opportunities to showcase DDP as an innovative intervention for children who have experienced trauma within their families.

Compass Seminars are arranging a series of seminars in a range of cities in these countries. Within these seminars Kim Golding will explore supporting children through parenting and through appropriate support in schools.

They are titled ‘Nurturing Attachments: Helping Insecurely Attached Children’ and are in the following locations.

She will also attend the Unique International Trauma Conference in Melbourne, Australia, about childhood trauma hosted by the Australian Childhood Foundation. At this conference she will be presenting a seminar and also teaming up with Dan Hughes to present a workshop.

You can read more about this conference, DDP keynotes at the Unique International Trauma Conference, Australia 2014.