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“RELATIONSHIPS MATTER  – Trauma Responsive Education and Care – INSPIRATIONS FROM CANADA” Online Conference this October

2 October 2023

Join Canadian and Slovakian practitioners and professionals explore Dyadic Developmental Practice in educational settings this October.

The “Relationships Matter” Conference combines seven pre-recorded sessions with two online panel discussions on October 19 and 20, 2023, 2pm to 3:30pm CET (Central European Time). Sessions will focus on trauma responsive education and practice. The discussions panel subjects will be “DDP framework in complex care of traumatized children (collaboration with schools)” and “DDP framework in Trauma informed Education and Trauma responsive care”.

It is hosted by Archa OZ, Kosice, Slovakia, an association providing care, professional help and support to children and parents.

“Our dear Canadian colleagues have shared with us many examples of how Dyadic Developmental Practice has helped children feel safe in schools and move from mis-trust to trust. We hope that these conversations will help you feel hopeful about how we can recognize that challenging behaviour is a symptom of deep mis-trust and reflect loneliness, sadness, fear, anger and shame.

In this series of conversations we emphasize the need to move from consequence and incentive based learning to understanding that when we change underlying felt sense of safety, then defensive behaviour is no longer necessary. We share with you stories of inspiration and hope.”

Daniela Husovská, Archa OZ

Canadian presenters and panellists include; Sian Phillips, Ph.D. (Clinical Psychologist, DDP Trainer, Consultant and Practitioner), Deni Melim, Ph.D. and Lisa Fitch (Belong Program, ON), Michael Blackburn, M. Ed. ( Principal, Educational Services, Limestone District School Board), Catherine McCabe (Senior Clinical Manager, Intensive Services for Children, Hospital for Sick Children), Ross Pickess and Kristin Giofriddo (George Hull Center), and a representative from the Therapeutic Family Care Program (TFC) team.

They will be joined by the following Slovakian professionals and educational specialists: Peter Pöthe (Child Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist), Mária Anyalaiová (Psychologist, Crises interventions in schools), Ján Rusiňák (School principal, external advisor for Slovak Ministry of Education), Juraj Hipš, (education expert, co-founder of CEEV Živica and the Comenius Institute) and Roman Veverka (School Partnerships Director, Teach for Slovakia Program).

“So many good ideas emerge from conversation. This idea came from a conversation with Daniela, a Psychologist in Slovakia who has spent some time in Canada learning. This conference is exciting on so many levels!

The presentations highlight the amazing work that educators in Canada have been doing using Dyadic Developmental Practice as a map for creating the safety needed for learning. It also brings countries and communities together in the ongoing quest to meet the needs of complex students in schools and classrooms. We can change the world one PACE at a time!”

Sian Phillips, Ph.D.

The conference is for educators and those who work within the educational sectors, professionals who support or work with developmentally traumatised children, their parents and caregivers, and any other professionals curious about trauma responsive education and practice.

Tickets costs 79 € for individuals and 249 € for organizations (as more than one person will be able to access the pre-recorded sessions). Registration is through the Archa OZ conference booking page and will close on October 15. Access to the pre-recorded sessions will remain open until November 17.

The conference will be held in English with Slovak subtitles or translations. For more information please visit the Archa OZ website or email

If you’d like to find out more about Dyadic Developmental Practice in educational settings we recommend the following books:

Working with Relational Trauma in Schools book cover

Working with Relational Trauma in Schools

Kim Golding, Sian Phillips and Louise Michelle Bomber

Belonging Book Cover - by Sian Phillips, Deni Melim, Dan Hughes


Sian Phillips, Deni Melim and Daniel Hughes