The DDP Community section brings together our ongoing work to reach out to and engage with all members of our community.

The growth of DDP around the world brings with it challenges and wonderful opportunities.

Within these pages we explore ways to ensure DDP stays true to shared core values and principles, and be forthright about our concern for social justice.

We must show our commitment to representing and including a more diverse array of world views and experiences.

Global Growth and Development Committee

Racial Equity Social Justice Committee

DDPI Diversity Statement

Our Journey

We aim to foster a genuine sense of community within DDP. We need to reach out, connect repair and engage with groups who are too often not heard or able to influence.

Community is the feeling of having a shared emotional connection, a sense of belonging and mutual respect. We want to be open about the work that is being done to build this sense of community within DDP. We will invite people to take part, to influence, to shape and to share stories as we go.

Our first steps on this journey have been the development of the Racial Equity Social Justice Committee (RESJ) and The Global Development Committee.

The RESJ came together with the aim of addressing racism, oppression, heteronormativity and sexism within DDP and advise on ways to address this. Together, we will work towards being truly open to diversity and representative of all who the DDP approach – therapy, parenting and practice – sets out to help.

After a period of self-examination and reflection, DDPI is embarking on a programme of growth and education. Narratives about these learnings and the actions that they lead to will be shared on the website.

The Global Development Committee has been established to promote and support the development of DDP around the world. Their work is vital for those who may be geographically isolated or for those bringing DDP into their practice in areas where DDP is new.

Both these Committees are focussed on supporting community members to build relationships and networks. Members should feel recognised and supported as DDP grows and as it continues to make a difference to the lives of children and families.