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About reflective articles
Reflective articles are personal responses by selected attendees to the 2021 Racial Equity workshops led by Nikkia Young and on the intersection of DDP with racial and social justice.
The purpose of the reflective articles is to spark inner reflection. If you are feeling moved reading them, we encourage you to journal, meditate and be with the important feelings being shared. Sitting with and truly engaging with our responses and emotions is part of the process.

Please be aware that they may contain sensitive anecdotes and/or stories that may be upsetting and re-triggering.
All opinions expressed in the following piece belong to the author(s).

As I walk


As I walk, a pebble in my shoe, causes discomfort
I stoop to remove it.
The ground beneath my feet trembles with anguished groans,
she releases the spirit of these 215 children
who cry out for justice,
for truth
Demanding to be
Their pain, their truth needs to be

A truth that I as a white settler
have been complicit in keeping
A truth that for too long
I and my ancestors have claimed
to not know.

My mind urges me
to not look
to not enter
to not know
it perceives
a discomfort
in this place

Anthropocene unburials
what was hoped would be forgotten,
is demanding to be seen
to come into the light

a kind of resurfacing
disclosing old histories
my sense of time is altered, tangled
this notion of deep time
sets out my unrest
not in a soothing context
but in in a more reality-based sharpening context
beckoning a future
look at the gift of being, now
look at the astonishing responsibility.
Will I be a good ancestor?
Will I take responsibility for people I have not only not met but will never meet?
These children are asking me to attend to who I am, what I do and reconcile now,
precisely for a world I’ll never see.

I will be an ancestor, the choice I have is what type of ancestor will I be
I will be a part of 7 generations
The choice is which series of concentric circles
will I choose to inhabit?
one that seeks truth and reconciliation or
one that continues to suppress, deny and cause harm
I pledge to walk the path of reconciliation;

I rise up
the pebble still in my shoe,
serves as a constant reminder
of the truth
to walk in the discomfort
to step forward and
to join the journey of reconciliation


Publisher: DDP Network (Jun 2021)

Article Copyright © BB, 2021