Board Governance

Please note, our new Board of Directors is currently working on new Board Governance and this page will be updated soon.

About the DDPI Board of Directors

  • The Board of Directors consists of a minimum of 6 and maximum of 13 members with international representation
  • The role of the Board is to uphold the aims and objectives of DDPI
  • There is a minimum of 9 and maximum of 14 Board meetings per year. These are conducted via Skype or conference calling and in person when opportunity arises
  • The Board has an Executive Committee – a sub-group of the Board consisting of the Chairperson, the three Members at Large from the UK, the USA and Canada, the Secretary and the Treasurer. The Executive meets as required
  • The Board has two Research Co-ordinator roles
  • The Board has a Professional Standards Committee – a sub-group of the Board – which meets as and when necessary
  • The Board has a Certification Review Committee – a sub-group of the Board – which meets as and when necessary
  • The Term of Office of a Board Member is up to 5years
  • Board members are invited by the Board of Directors
  • Members can be re-invited
  • All Board members are actively involved in upholding and developing the Board’s objectives; Working sub-groups are appointed for specific tasks and are accountable to the Board.
  • Board members receive no remuneration for services to the Board
  • The Board employs an administrative assistant who attends Board Meetings as appropriate

The DDPI Board of Directors does not accept legal responsibility for the welfare of clients.