Membership of the DDPI

Being a Member of DDPI means you are an important part of DDP; an approach that is rapidly growing with interest spreading to new countries each year.

DDPI has organisational and certification processes that fit across different countries and continents. Members are a part of an international DDP community; one that continues to develop via this website, the Google Groups DDPI list serve and regular DDP Study Days and Conferences.

The Google Groups DDP Institute listserve is administered by the DDPI Board. It is free to join and membership was extended in 2013 to individuals who have completed DDP Level One Training.

Annual North American residential DDP conferences alternate between the States and Canada – increasing from 2 to 3 days from May 2013.

Bi-annual residential 2-day  DDP conferences have been held in the UK since June 2012. Venues include Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow with the 2019 conference held in Stratford-upon-Avon.

DDPI Members and other delegates travel from the States, Canada, the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe to these international conferences.

The Board hopes you feel you belong to and are supporting both a local and international community as a Member of DDPI.

How do I become a member of DDPI?

DDPI logo

Therapists and practitioners become members of DDPI once they have started their certification as a DDPI-approved  Practitioner in Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy.

DDPI-approved certificates have the DDPI logo on and are countersigned by the founder of DDP, Dan Hughes. All individuals who wish to become DDPI-approved Practitioners in DDP should check whether the practicum they are undertaking will receive a DDPI-approved certificate.

Only DDPI-approved Practitioners, Consultants and Trainers are listed on the the DDP Network website.

Membership of DDPI does not include the right to have a profile included on the DDP Network website.

How many members are there?

DDP is rapidly growing in the UK, USA and Canada with interest increasing in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and mainland Europe.

This has resulted in an increase in the membership of DDPI since it was established in 2009. There over 200 certified Practitioners in DDP and Practitioners in training across the UK, USA, Canada, Finland, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand.

What are the fees and what are they used for?

The Annual Membership fee is $100 (USD), due from May 1 each year.

All DDPI Fees

The annual fee includes the DDPI certification renewal fees as a Practitioner in DDP. Renewal of Certification is required every 4 years.

DDPI membership fees are used to fund the working of the DDPI Board including funding an administrator to support the work of the Board and to fund the set up costs of the DDPI, UK, USA & Canada and Members sections of the DDP Network website.

All Board members give their time for free.