Organisation Certification in DDP

Organisation Certification in Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP) is described in the following process and documents.

Please check that you are accessing information for your own country or area as the process differs slightly according to the regional professional registration and licensing guidelines.

Organisation Certification in Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP)

The Organisational Certification process, called the Practicum, is consistent with the processes of certification in all forms of Dyadic Developmental Practice, that is, there are elements of:

  • Application to become certified and to start the Organisation Practicum
  • Regular and ongoing DDP Consultancy
  • Training in DDP Practice
  • Certification
  • Renewal of certification

The certification and renewal processes are co-created between the organisation and a Certified DDP Consultant, where each process will be both robust and unique. Approval and support is given by the DDPI Board (via the whole Board or an appointed sub-group thereof) concerning the core standards of practice and of the certification process for each applying organisation.

The process is described in these four sections:

  1. What is required before starting the Organisational Practicum?
  2. What is the Organisational Practicum process?
  3. Completing the Organisational Practicum and Certification
  4. Renewal of Organisational Certification

Important general information about the certification process
Please remember DDPI does not accept legal responsibility for the welfare of clients.

Applicable materials available to download

Organisation DDP Certification Appendices