How to keep and maintain Trainer certification

Please note: The DDPI Board is currently reviewing the process and criteria for keeping and maintaining Trainer Certification

Your status of certified Trainer will remain in effect as long as you maintain the status of a certified Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy Practitioner and Consultant and you provide at least one Level One or Level Two training per year.

DDPI requirements when running DDP Training sessions

  • When you run a DDP Training session (called DDP Level One or DDP Level Two) you will circulate the DDPI-approved DDP Level One and Level Two Evaluation forms to all participants
  • You will keep all completed evaluation forms
  • A selection of these evaluation forms will be reviewed by Dan Hughes, or by a designated DDPI Board approved certified Trainer
  • After each 28 hour training you will need to send the required fee to the DDPI Board Treasurer or nominated person in your country Details of all DDPI Fees


For more information, please contact the DDPI