Explore our vision, mission and values


Our dream

We envision a future where…

Developmental trauma is accepted as an disorganising factor that impacts the entire human world and all social systems that support child development, so that the healing power of creating safe relationships can be seen as central and essential to all public policies and interventions. We align ourselves to the UN Convention on The Rights of The Child (1989).

We create and embody a racially equitable and socially just organization with a balance of power so that all members feel seen, heard and valued.

We are representative and integrative of geography, race, sexual orientation, gender, ability, disability, educational experiences, and levels of training or lived experience in DDP.

We become a voice in the world for eradicating the persistence of developmental trauma through our educational and therapeutic efforts that work to disrupt cycles of intergenerational trauma and offer preventative support.


Our part

As the DDP model becomes more culturally competent, we will seek to learn and adapt so that it stays responsive, current and viable within its multiple contexts as it spreads around the globe.

We seek…

To take accountability and responsibility for ongoing learning, embracing the messiness by leaning into the proactive seeking of new understanding and the process of rupture and repair as our framework for growth.

To provide strategic planning for the organization that is responsive to our DDP community and is culturally conscious and effective in addressing the impact of developmental and societal trauma.

To provide a therapeutic framework where the focus is healing which embraces all parts of the child’s self and co-creates a coherent, fully embodied identity.

To provide high quality training, supervision, research, professional development and ensure oversight and accountability into the training of the model and the certification process of becoming a practitioner, consultant or trainer.



We are committed to carrying out our vision and mission according to our core values.

We will do this in a way that is authentic, accepting of others, fair in its processes and that helps to support every individual DDP journey.

We believe if all of these values are in place, then robust, honest reciprocal communication will emerge and flourish.

We believe in being…



Assuming positive intention, building safety through personal connection, moments of joy and mutual delight, valuing a light, warm tone in our interactions.



Acceptance and respect for each person’s identity and unique story.



Deep, profound curiosity for the lived experiences of our colleagues, families and communities.



Leading with heart, sharing and being open to the influence we have on each other, valuing experiential knowledge.



When ruptures occur, we believe in understanding the nature of harm, the context of power and privilege that it occurs within and will take responsibility to initiate repair. As an organization we will ensure that there are processes and structures in place that ensure accountability at an individual level and as an organization as a whole.