DDP Group Supervision QLD, Australia, Lorren Arezio & Leah Millward, Dec 2023

7 December 2023 (9:00 am - 10:30 am AEDTAustralia/Sydney)

This DDP Group Supervision for QLD meets online and is facilitated by Lorren Arezio, DDP Consultant and Clinical Psychologist, and Leah Millward, DDP Practitioner and Social Worker.

This space was established to enable people to connect and to continue to support your DDP journey, as we know it is hard to grow and gain confidence in isolation. The group is aimed to provide a safe space to build skills, provide encouragement, to keep the DDP conversation going and to connect and share with others. You do not need to be skilled in DDP, just keen to know more and wanting to grow and gain confidence

The group is open to clinicians and professionals who have completed either DDP Level One training or both DDP Level One and Level Two and are looking for something further.

Sessions are online and run for 1.5 hours and open to anyone across Australia, though it is also hoped to build connections and networks within states. It is understood that not everyone will be able to join for every session, however it is hoped for a semi-regular group of faces who can get to know each other and build connection and trust.

The Supervision Group offers a safe space to guide discussion and to build confidence, rather than providing an information or teaching session. There will be opportunity to ask questions and each session will be guided by the group as to what is needed.

There is scope to request a focus on specific areas that you may be having difficulties with and to discuss specific cases and seek some group input. We are hoping participants will take up the opportunity to present tapes of their sessions to the group, in order to gain feedback and to aid learning both at an individual level and as a group. We require all group members to sign a confidentiality agreement prior to participating in the group.


Lorren Arezio, Clinical Psychologist, BSc (Hons), M Clin Psych, MAPS, DDP Consultant and DDP Practitioner

Leah Millward, Social Worker, BSW, Cert IV WT&A, Dip CC&Ed, DDP Practitioner

Contact: Lorren Arezio at lorrenare@gmail.com

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Please contact the organiser to register, they will provide you online access information after registration. A tax receipt will be forwarded once payment has been received.

All Dates: Mar 30, May 11, June 22, Aug 3, Sept 14, Oct 26, Dec 7, 2023

You can also download the DDP Group Supervision – QLD 2023 flyer.

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