A Day With Dan Hughes – SAIA 2018 conference presentation

The A Day with Dan Hughes presentation is available through the Scottish Attachment In Action (SAIA) website for a small £10 fee.

‘A Day with Dan Hughes’ is a video recording of Dan’s presentation at Scottish Attachment In Action’s conference in Aberdeen in October 2018, held in partnership with Aberdeen City Council. It will be of interest and use to professionals, parent and carers.

Powerfully Interwoven with stories of his therapeutic work with families, Dan talks about the potential impact on all aspects of children’s development of interfamilial trauma. He straightforwardly explains the theoretical underpinnings of Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy, for example, Intersubjectivity, Blocked Trust and Blocked Care. Dan then articulates how these understandings translate into therapeutic action with the core attitude of PACE, supporting the parenting figures to keep their hearts hopeful, and the children – with their parents as co-therapists – to go on the journey from ‘it’s my fault, I’m a bad kid ‘to I am ‘likeable and lovable’. The recording is interspersed through stories with practical parenting strategies such as connection before correction.

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