ADAPT Scotland

ADAPT Scotland recognises that parenting and working with traumatised children is extremely challenging. Our approach helps to make that challenge a little more manageable.

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ADAPT Scotland works with:

Adoptive and foster families and anyone who are parenting traumatised children. We work with parents and parenting figures to help increase their understanding of the reasons for the challenges presented by their children. Armed with this knowledge we offer strategies and interventions that can make a difference to the way children feel about themselves, their family and the world around them.

(Our) Developmentally appropriate approach is based on the principles of PLACE as espoused by Dan Hughes and others.

Attachment focussed work is at the heart of our approach. This allows us to offer assessments, parenting work and therapeutic involvement with children and their families that is relationship based and focussed on increasing children’s feelings of safety and security.

Parent mentoring is a key component in all the work we undertake. This means forming positive attachments to parents and carers as the springboard to helping parents develop the therapeutic parenting styles that best meet their children’s needs.

Training is offered to parents, carers, schools and professionals who are working with traumatised children. Our training is bespoke and is aimed at meeting the needs of both the funding body and the participants.

Therapeutic family work is offered. This work is based on DDP principles and practises. This means working with parents and children together to address the issues that are making it hard for them to progress and thrive.

ADAPT Scotland helps parents and children increase their understanding of the reasons why they struggle alongside offering strategies that create the safe base where change is possible.

ADAPT Scotland works with professionals to ensure that there is wider community understanding of the needs of traumatised children. It promotes the development of a coherent plan for helping children and families and the support to put this plan into practise.


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Find online at: ADAPT Scotland

DDP Network takes no responsibility for external links.