Arthur’s Journey. A case study of integrated therapy process

Hannah Sun-Reid is a Certified Child Psychotherapist and Play Therapist Supervisor, a Certified Theraplay Therapist, a Certified Trauma Specialist, a Certified Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapist, a Sandtray-Worldplay Therapist and an EMDR therapist. Hannah has more than 20 years experience working with children and families who experience life challenges including trauma and loss. She also provides training and supervision. She lives and works in southern Ontario, Canada.

Arthur was referred for therapy at age 7. He came into care when he was 3 years of age due to chronic neglect, abuse, domestic violence, and parental substance abuse. When Arthur entered therapy, he struggled with the dilemma related to his unknown future. Arthur presented as a charming young boy who enjoyed the consistent love and care from his foster parents. However, he also changed his mood quickly, at which time he would have severe temper tantrums and become physically aggressive towards his mom. Arthur and his foster mom participated in 28 sessions over a period of 18 months. His foster dad joined in several sessions when his work schedule allowed.

An integrated therapy approach was used, combining Theraplay, DDP, Play Therapy, Sandtray-Worldplay, and EMDR. The decision to choose one or more therapy methods for one or more sessions depended on the presenting issues with long term goals in mind.

The PLACE attitude (Playful, Loving, Acceptance, Curious, and Empathetic) was used throughout the entire therapy process.

Arthur is now adopted and has been living with adoptive patents for several years.


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