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Belonging and Coregulation in the Classroom with Dr. Sian Philips

Trauma Informed Education Podcast

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“The call for trauma-informed education is growing as the profound impact trauma has on the children’s ability to learn in traditional classrooms is recognized. For children who have experienced abuse and neglect their behaviour is often highly reactive, aggressive, withdrawn or unmotivated. They struggle to learn, to make positive relationships or be influenced positively by teachers and school staff. Teachers become more and more frustrated and discouraged as they attempt to teach this vulnerable group of students. Dr. Sian Philips. Dr Phillips is an Adjunct Professor at Queens University and is currently involved in helping her local school boards develop trauma-informed classrooms and schools using Dan Hughes’s model of Dyadic Developmental Practice. She is also a clinical psychologist in private practice in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. She specialises in working with children in foster care and their foster and adoptive parents. Dr. Philips is the co-author of the book ‘Belonging: A relationship-based approach for trauma-informed education“.

Published by Dr. Kay Ayre, the Trauma Informed Education Podcast: Practical, Evidence Based Strategies for Challenging Students.

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