A Day with Dan Hughes, Falkirk May 2009

A 4-part CD Audio recording of a one day seminar hels by Dan Hughes

Disc 1 – features an introduction from Jonathan Pearce, Director of Adoption UK and covers rewards, babies and learning, young children and interaction, effects of trauma, vulnerable feelings, solutions, control, the brain, children and development, sense of self, shame, praise, intersubjectivity and hyperactivity.

Disc 2 – covers understanding and influencing, giving words to the child’s life, reassurance during re-enactment, safety to explore, matched intention, getting to know the child, attachment, repair, the parents’ attachment history, triggering parental responses, assumptions, interaction between parent and child, therapy as a facilitator, PLACE (Playfulness Love Acceptance Curiousity Empathy), disregulation of emotions and facilitating discussion.

Disc 3 – learning from mistakes, building the relationship, helping the child who does not want help, developmental delay, structure and supervision, choice, repetition of support, sensitivity, routines and habits of the home, permanency of objects vs relationships, comfort and support, positive attitude, support for yourself, having a professional advocate and other help and support.

Disc 4 – Audience questions and answers on the themes of siblings, placement and the settling in period, teenagers, therapy, contact, schools, negative attention seeking, short term foster carers – when adopters cannot be found, self harm, stealing food, ‘You’re stupid’ or worse…, ‘You can’t make me…’ and a final thought for the day.

Running time: 45 mins approx.
Cost: £ 17.95
Adoption UK Member Discount: £ 2.00
Available from: http://www.adoptionuk.org/s/shopcategory/100516/100534/audiovisual/


Publisher: Adoption UK

Website: A Day with Dan Hughes, Falkirk May 2009

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