Edwina Grant “Alliance not compliance. DDP in residential settings” DDP UK Conference Proceedings Birmingham 10-11 Nov 2014

Edwina's presentation "Applying DDP principles and practices to residential settings" explored some of the opportunities and difficulties that are specific to developing and maintaining Dyadic Developmental Practice in residential settings. All parenting/caregiving can be both joyful and challenging. Edwina explored questions such as How can multiple caregivers work and care together with an attitude of PACE to build the children and their families capacity for more secure relationships?; What organisational culture is needed?; How are the children and the worker’s support needs met?; "How can everyone’s stress be co-regulated? as well as Do we need to re-examine what being professional means?. Edwina has also added her residential home version of Dan Hughes' Parenting S's

With thanks to Edwina for giving permission to reproduce her presentation and “S’s for Residential Staff” here.


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