Everyday Care: What makes it therapeutic for children?



This is the final report of the Everyday Care: What makes it therapeutic for children? project. The project was funded by the Sir Halley Stewart Trust and was undertaken between September 2020 and April 2022. It was completed with the help and support of the children, young people and adults from Kinbrae (*pseudonym used throughout the report).

The report begins by outlining the background and key aims of the project before offering a brief outline of the methods used. A broad literature review is presented which explores historical and contextual issues in relation to policy and practice in residential childcare, as well as some of the key debates around ‘trauma’ and ‘trauma informed practice’.

The findings are presented as responses to the four research questions which guided the study. These are followed by a discussion and analysis of what the findings might mean for Kinbrae and for residential care more widely.


Publisher: University of Stirling (Jun 2022)

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