The Foundations Consultancy

The Foundations Consultancy offers clinical psychology services to children, young people, their parents and their families. We also offer a range of services to professionals and organisations who work with children and young people. These include comprehensive psychological assessment, formulation and treatment of a range of difficulties. We are accredited Clinical Psychologists with over a decade of experience in the NHS. Specialist Areas

At The Foundations Consultancy we work with a variety of childhood difficulties. However, our specialist area is in the field of attachment, developmental trauma and complex emotional and behavioural difficulties. We offer support, consultation and training to the professional network around the child alongside therapeutic intervention to children, adolescents and their parents/carers. We also specialise in delivering packages of specialist developmental trauma therapies to the child and their family to enable the child to recover from their early childhood experiences. We have a strong ethos of working closely with the family and the professionals who are involved in the child’s care and enabling them to provide the foundation from which secure attachments can be built.


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