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Healing Relational Trauma Workbook

Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy in Practice


This book is recommended reading for those participating in DDP Level One and Level Two Training.

“The Healing Relational Trauma Workbook is an experiential accompaniment to Healing Relational Trauma. Dan and I have built on our writing with Julie Hudson to provide a reflective exploration of DDP in all its breadth and depth. In addition we include multiple voices to help us all better understand how DDP can be helpful for those experiencing marginalisation and oppression.”

– Kim S. Golding


A resource for practitioners implementing attachment-focused treatment for young people.

Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP) is an attachment-focused treatment for children and adolescents who have experienced abuse and neglect and are now living in stable foster and adoptive families. Here, Daniel Hughes and Kim S. Golding provide a practical accompaniment to their highly successful DDP text co-authored with Julie Hudson, Healing Relational Trauma with Attachment-Focused Interventions (2019).

In this workbook, practitioners are invited to reflect on their experience of implementing the DDP model through discussion, examples, and reflection prompts. Readers are encouraged to consider the diversity of both practitioners and those receiving DDP interventions, and how each unique individual’s identity can be embraced within the application of DDP interventions. DDP can be practiced as a therapy, a parenting approach, and as a practice approach for those working within healthcare, social care, or education, and this workbook is an invaluable resource for readers who fall into any one of these roles.

Hughes and Golding’s Healing Relational Trauma Workbook is a brilliant and essential guide that caters to both seasoned clinicians and novices, presenting a pragmatic and meticulous manual on how to bring the latest in neuroscience and attachment into the therapy room with children and families. Packed with scripts, case examples, and reflective exercises, this masterful resource revolutionizes DDP by embracing diverse cultural perspectives and intersectionality. Unprecedented in its integrative approach, this book is the ultimate compendium to fostering profound and healing connections for traumatized children.

Leticia Gracia, MSW, founding director, Institute of Childhood Trauma and Attachment

Kim Golding and Dan Hughes risked personal vulnerability by looking inward to sensitive truths while reaching out to find voices unlike theirs. As I read, the same journey was asked of me. I think this is really what DDP is. This is an important step in making intersectionality, community, and uniqueness a way of learning DDP.

Benjamin Hargrave, independent therapeutic Social Worker, Practitioner in DDP and EFT, DDPI Worldwide Board of Directors co-Chair

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Published February 20, 2024.

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