It's not fair! © 2018 Jane Foulkes & Wendy Picken, Illustrations by Jenny PickenIt's not fair! © 2018 Jane Foulkes & Wendy Picken, Illustrations by Jenny Picken

It’s Not Fair!

A book for children and for those helping them after someone close has died

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“I want my Mum,” Frankie told Grandma.

“I know you do,” Grandma said. “I’m so sorry that I can’t make her come back.”

Frankie is trying to deal with her Mum having died and doesn’t want to do anything anymore.

Albie is struggling to cope with his Dad’s death and is often angry, arguing with his friends and getting into trouble. Both children are helped by kind, caring adults who help them to understand what’s going on and say out loud what’s inside so that they can begin to deal with what has happened and their many feelings about it.

Written by Jane Foulkes & Wendy Picken, illustrations by Jenny Picken

Wendy Picken

An experienced social worker, Wendy now provides therapeutic support for bereaved children. In her private practice she also has a specialist interest in fostering and adoption and therefore an understanding of the trauma associated loss and separation.

Jane Foulkes

Jane trained as a social worker and has worked as an independent psychotherapist. In total she has over 30 years’ experience of working with children and their families, the majority of whom have been traumatised by loss.

Jenny Picken

Jenny’s career in a NHS paediatric services enabled her to support families and children with complex needs. Since her retirement Jenny continues to work with disabled children in a voluntary capacity and has developed her interest in art and, in particular, in painting.

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Publisher: Picken Picken and Foulkes (Nov 2018)

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