Jane’s Story

Understanding attachment and loss in young people with complex needs

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“Jane’s story” is a wonderful, timeless narrative describing a DDP intervention with a young person who has severe intellectual and physical disabilities.

It helps the reader to consider the wider team around Jane, how to gather their understanding of Jane, deepen their empathy for her and develop a plan together around how to attune to her internal world when Jane herself can only show her distress through her behaviour. This deepened understanding led to developing a care plan that enabled the whole team to work together and hear Jane’s voice and hence needs.

It helps us to think about who might be a significant attachment figure for her and how to enable this relationship, alongside the key worker relationships, to build emotional safety for Jane and subsequently see a significant reduction in her distressed behaviour.

We are grateful to Edwina Grant and her co-authors for allowing us to include “Jane’s story” within the DDP Library. First published by CELCIS in the Scottish Journal of Residential Care in March 2009, it was originally titled “Lizzy’s Story”.

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Publisher: CELCIS (Mar 2009)

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