Not Again, Little Owl book © Vivien NorrisNot Again, Little Owl book © Vivien Norris

Not Again, Little Owl

A book for adopters, carers and professionals working with children who are moving to a new family - By Your Side

Not Again, Little Owl is a children’s picture book that has been written for children who are moving from a temporary to a permanent family.

Having to move family is profoundly difficult for everyone involved. It can be hard to know how best to talk to children facing this situation. The aim of the story is to capture the core emotional components of the child’s experience and to generate conversation and support. You may be a parent, carer or professional helper. This story can be used in preparation for a family move and afterwards to develop the child’s understanding.

Not Again Little Owl is part of the By Your Side model can be purchased from the website.



Publisher: The Family Place (Sep 2018)

Website: Not Again, Little Owl

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