The Open Nest

The Open Nest is a creative, forward thinking charitable project born from personal experiences of the adoption and long term fostering of traumatised children.

Find online at: The Open Nest

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“We aim to address the gap in the provision of specialist support services to adopted children who have anxiety and trauma related behaviours and in doing so support families in a meaningful and empathic way.

We are a six person team of dedicated and passionate individuals. Having all been involved in care work for many years we believe that the care “industry” by its very nature cannot always successfully put the client at the centre of its practice.

We fully understand budget constraints within social care and health services but do not believe in creating victims of any system. We believe with creative and compassionate approaches to care, good results can be achieved on relatively small budgets.

We are qualified both by hands-on experience and academic achievements to support families who may be experiencing very challenging times. We are good communicators and have good links with professional individuals and organisations who continue to inform and educate us.

We have recently successfully submitted written evidence to the House of Lords Select Committee on adoption.

We are dedicated to treating people as individuals and in a way which is non judgmental and kind.

Our team includes an adopter, an adoptee, a foster parent, those who have experienced being in care, a qualified social worker and a trainee psychologist.

We all believe in the merits of music, art, nature, and home cooked food.

Our organisational heroes include Family Futures and Kids Company who have inspired us and informed our practice.”


Find online at: The Open Nest

DDP Network takes no responsibility for external links.

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