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Parenting Through Stories: Parenting Handbook

Helping you and your child make sense of everyday challenges together


This book accompanies the children’s picture book, Please Stay Here – I Want You Near.


“[The] Parenting Handbook provides information on the importance of storytelling and the attachment relationship and includes practical suggestions on how you can support your child’s emotional and behavioural development throughout their early years, and beyond. At the end of the book there are “Top Tips” to help you manage common experiences in the early years including separation anxiety, tricky behaviour, healthy eating, toilet training and bedtime routines.

It also describes the psychological theory behind Bartley’s Books, a series of interactive picture books, through which you can explore your child’s experiences with them, helping them learn to express their feelings, master new skills, feel closer to you, and cope with everyday challenges together.”

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“Full of solid resources for parents who are engaged in the most humbling, exhausting, and enriching task – parenting and guiding a child into becoming an adult.”
Betty J.B. Brouwer, Chair of DDPI Board DDP Network

“The handbook succinctly explains a parenting approach that Dan Hughes developed to support secure attachment: the PACE model. For me, the magic of what Sarah has created is that she encourages parents to ‘try out’ ideas outside of the storytelling process. These resources are a valuable tool to help parents understand and apply an evidence-based approach to help family members feel safe and connected.”
– Dr Kimberley Bennett, Child, Adolescent and Educational Psychologist


Publisher: Parenting Through Stories (Aug 2020)

ISBN: 1838014403

Website: Parenting Through Stories: Parenting Handbook

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