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Please Stay Here – I Want You Near

Bartley's Books; Separation Anxiety


This book has an accompanying Parenting Handbook.


“Is your child starting school soon? Do you have a little one returning to childcare after months off? This is the perfect book to help you and your child manage the big transition together.

Please Stay Here – I Want You Near provides a platform to help young children understand and cope with spending time away from their parents. “This beautifully illustrated lift-the-flap children’s book tells the story of a loveable bear called Bartley, who likes school but is a bit apprehensive about going. Through clever questions behind flaps in the book, children are gently invited to open up about their own feelings about starting school or nursery. The final pages of the book provide parents with top tips on separation anxiety” (SEN Resources Blog).

Written by Dr Sarah Mundy, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and mother to three, Please Stay Here – I Want You Near has been developed for parents and their young children to understand and manage separation anxiety. With the help of Nudge, a curious squirrel, Bartley learns to understand, and cope with, leaving his parents and going to school. Interactive questions encourage children to explore their own experiences, promoting discussion about confusing and tricky feelings in a safe, engaging and fun way. An accompanying Parenting Handbook describes the psychological theories behind Please Stay Here – I Want You Near and other forthcoming books in the series and provides advice on how best to support your child’s emotional and behavioural development throughout the early years.”

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“This series is sure to delight young children and parents/caregivers alike. The children book is inviting, the images colourful, the characters relatable and along with the parenting guidebook the whole package makes for a fantastic series and invaluable resource. Woven throughout the stories and handbook is Dr. Daniel Hughes’ PACE (playful, accepting, curious, and empathetic) attitude. As I like to say, PACE is good for all but essential for some!”
Betty J.B. Brouwer, Chair of DDPI Board DDP Network

“It’s so helpful on both a child and parent level… But this isn’t just any story book. It does a fabulous job of helping me to have a conversation with my boy, exploring how he feels with question prompts and parent advice. I just love how supportive and accessible this book is for us both, to navigate the challenging emotions around this milestone. Knowing what to say to our younger children is particularly hard for parents, so I really value the help from this book.”
Parent of a 4 year old


Publisher: Parenting Through Stories (Aug 2020)

ISBN: 1838014411

Website: Please Stay Here – I Want You Near

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