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Riley the Brave

Join this super-cool cub as he faces his fears with the animals who love him.


By Jess Sinarski, illustrated by Zachary Kline

“Riley the Brave is the story of a little bear with big feelings! Join this super-cool, cape-wearing cub as he embarks on a journey to face his fears.

Riley is joined by all of his animal friends who care for him as he faces his difficult feelings. Along the way, Riley learns how sometimes, being tough or loud isn’t the bravest thing to be – sometimes it’s asking for help, or being brave enough to let someone into your heart.

Written for any child who is looking to unlock their inner courage, and particularly those healing from difficult life experiences or trauma, this book creates a safe space for conversations about complex thoughts and feelings. It also features an educational afterword for grown-ups which explains how the book helps children, and how to get the most out of it.”

Terrific book! I will use it, reference it, and recommend it.
Bonnie Harris, M.S.Ed., author of When Your Kids Push Your Buttons and Confident Parent, Remarkable Kids​

Delightful and effective.
The Crittenton Children’s Center, Trauma Smart® Department

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Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers, US (Oct 2020)

ISBN: 0999234005

Website: Riley the Brave

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