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Riley the Brave’s Big Feelings Activity Book

A Trauma-Informed Guide for Counselors, Educators, and Parents



“Roaring, grumping, knots in tummies… Making sense of big feelings can be tricky. Riley the Brave and his safe big critters are here to help! Enjoy 60+ fun activities and trauma-sensitive strategies to help children understand the brain science behind those big MAD, SAD, and SCARED emotions… and what to do about it!

Bright illustrations and familiar characters encourage children as they dig into their prickly porcupine moments, timid turtle moments, and all the feelings in between. An introduction for grown-ups will help you make the most of this treasure trove of games, printable masks, colorful cards, word searches, action plans, and more! Work one-on-one or easily adapt these strength-based activities for group settings. Lesson plans and frequent “Try This!” sections make this the ultimate resource for parents, teachers, counselors, and anyone else supporting children with big feelings.”

© Jessica Kingsley Publishers & Jessica Sinarski, 2023

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Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers (Aug 2023)

ISBN: 9781839973000

Website: Riley the Brave’s Big Feelings Activity Book

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