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Riley the Brave’s Sensational Senses

Help for Sensory and Emotional Challenges


By Jess Sinarski, illustrated by Zachary Kline

“Riley the Brave is a little bear with big feelings. He really wants to have fun at the fair, but sometimes he struggles just making it to school, especially on the STINKY, BUMPY, NOISY bus!

It is hard for Riley to focus and have fun when he is feeling so many confusing sensations! He has porcupine moments and grumps at his friends, or turtle moments when he just wants to be alone. He even had a tiger moment, roaring at his teacher. With all these big feelings, how can he ever go to the fair?

Riley the Brave’s Sensational Senses teaches children about their senses through a playful story with real-life strategies for emotion regulation. It also features an educational afterword for grown-ups that explains our eight senses and includes tips for getting the most out of the book.”

© Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2022

Book website: https://www.rileythebrave.org/

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Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers (Oct 2022)

ISBN: 9781839973116

Website: Riley the Brave’s Sensational Senses

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