Team PACE and the S’s

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By Edwina Grant, Lynn Walker, Billy Smythe, illustrated by Sarah Grant

‘Team PACE and the S’s’ is a PDF resource for teams to support embedding PACE within work relationships and interactions in residential care and education.

Edwina Grant writes:

Team PACE and the S’s evolved from discussions in trainings and consultations with residential care and education teams. It is broadly based on Dan Hughes S’s to increase and decrease in parenting children with relational trauma. However, its focus rather than on parenting and teaching per se is on effective residential care and education teamwork in the DDP way. The document can be used in a variety of ways: in training, in team development and/or reflective practice, as a whole or in sections. The authors’ view is that it can be used or adapted for discussion in settings other than residential work.

Edwina Grant and colleagues have updated their DDP PACE resource that was originally based on Dan Hughes’ ‘S for successful parenting’. Adapted for use in residential settings, the resource highlights ways that managers and teams can work together to build and maintain relationship focused practice.”

This resource includes:

  • Being PACEful with one another, with thanks and acknowledgement to Dan Hughes.
  • Think S for success in team building

Publisher: Edwina Grant (Mar 2023)

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