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The Handbook of Therapeutic Care for Children

Evidence-Informed Approaches to Working with Traumatized Children and Adolescents in Foster, Kinship and Adoptive Care

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Bringing together a wide range of therapeutic approaches and models, this book examines recent developments in supporting children in out of home care. Covering topics such as cultural heritage, relative care and the importance of schools and peer relationships, it sheds new light on how to create opportunities for healing in traumatized children.

Foreword by Stephen W. Porges.

Chapters that highlight DDP

10. Defining the conceptual maps that resource the day to day interactions between carers and children to become more therapeutic (Daniel Hughes and Jonathan Baylin).

11. Resetting the fabric of love: Real life applications that promote emotional connection in the day to day experience of looked after and adopted children and their parents (Kim Golding).

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