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Therapeutic Parenting with PACE

An Attachment, Trauma and DDP Informed Group Programme and Training Resource



This comprehensive resource is designed for training those who work with, parent and care for children and young people who have experienced the damaging effects of abuse, neglect and disruption to the primary caregiver relationship. The training provides an accessible overview of the core concepts of developmental trauma, trauma-informed therapeutic care, and self-care for carers.

The underpinning model is Dyadic Developmental Practice (DDP), an approach which allows carers to get beyond the defences and blocked trust of children in their care by developing an attitude of Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy (PACE). By helping participants understand and respond to the impact of developmental trauma on children, the resource aims to help reduce the spiral of failed relationships suffered by many young people who have been removed from their birth families.

The training resource is presented as a 12 session programme and is supported with video clips, skills exercises and reading materials to support each area covered. The resources can also be broken up to provide bite sized training to staff and carers and can also be used in individual sessions.

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“Numerous foster carers say how much they have learnt on this course – and it works when put into practice. Many of them seem rejuvenated”
– Independent Reviewing Officer

“Gives you much more confidence and insight and ability to reflect. It has been a massive eye-opener”
– Foster Carer

“A way to work with our children that is nurturing and promotes healthy development”
– Residential Care Worker

“The therapeutic parenting group was excellent in every way. I so benefited from shared experiences with participants as well as facilitators. The facilitators ran it from the heart not just their heads. I valued all of the videos and resources made available-I will go back to it all and has made me hungry to keep learning.”
– Foster Carer

DDPI Endorsed Parenting Programme
DDPI Endorsed Parenting Programme © DDPI

It is recommended that DDPI Endorsed Parenting Programmes are run by facilitators who have undertaken at least Level One and preferably Level Two DDP training and are confident in the use and modelling of PACE.

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