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Tippy Moffle’s Mirror

The Moffle Picture Story Books


Moffles are tiny, fluffy creatures, who carry the colours of their emotions in their fur, for all the world to read like a storybook. Tippy Moffle is very young but already she has become so scared and hurt that she has learned to hide away all her feelings deep inside. So deeply, that her fur has become dull and grey. Can a new mummy and a new home help Tippy to feel safe and become a multicoloured Moffle again?

Tippy Moffle’s Mirror follows the child (or in this case, Moffle) on the whole journey from early abuse and neglect towards security and healing in a new home. It aims to help children identify with the characters and find their own meaning in the story – to help them understand themselves better and see themselves differently. It also reminds carers and parents of why even difficult behaviour makes sense in the context of their child’s troubled past.

Tippy Moffle’s Mirror is just one of a series of Moffle stories and the first to be published. The Moffles are for children who have lived through trauma and loss, and for the adults who care for them. They explore what shapes children’s understanding of themselves and how loving relationships can bring trust and healing back into their lives.

These picture story books aim to appeal to adults as well as to their children. They are stories for families, that celebrates the process of healing that can occur when children begin to experience themselves the way that loving parents and carers experience them.


“This is a story of sadness, neglect, loss and finding a new home explored through the story of Tippy Moffle. The complex world of feelings is described in the changing colours of Tippy’s fur. The child who has had a difficult start in life will identify with the fear of being seen and the courage needed to allow a new parent to help you finally to look in the mirror to see who you have become. The Moffles are sure to enchant children of all ages.”
– Kim S Golding

“We both think it’s a lovely, lively story with a good pace and one that is sensitive and shows the right emotional range for a child in that situation. It perfectly captures the emotions a child with a traumatic life story might feel. Easy to read and gives lots of opportunities for discussion on an emotional level. The story makes discussing difficult and challenging feelings such as anger, confusion, loss easier as it gives a way in into discussing those feelings. We have enjoyed reading it immensely – I have read it a few times now!”
– Parent of an 8 year old

© Mikenda Plant and Troubadour, 2020

Tippy Moffle’s Mirror is available to buy on the Troubadour website.


Publisher: Troubadour (Feb 2021)

ISBN: 9781800461550

Website: Tippy Moffle’s Mirror

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