What about me?

Inclusive strategies to support pupils with attachment difficulties make it through the school day

What would a genuinely supportive school day look like in practice, for children who have experienced attachment difficulties and developmental vulnerability? What are the core features of an attachment-friendly school? How can we promote inclusion and positively affect learning outcomes amongst pupils in need, at risk, in care & adopted?
Louise Bombèr, teacher, therapist, and trainer draws on her extensive experience in working with these children and young people. She takes you on a guided journey through the school day, offering innovative new strategies to help you work with these pupils as they move through each challenge, from making the transition to school in the morning, to leaving at the end of the day. The book is full of practical ideas that can be easily integrated into the busy-ness of everyday school life. Complicated methods and procedures are unnecessary – the good news is that genuine relationship will provide children and adolescents who have experienced relational traumas and losses with the core support they need. The author urges readers to take up our collective responsibility to ensure such pupils receive all they need in order to prosper, adapt and recover, so that they can live well and contribute well within our school communities and beyond. In her own words, “Let’s seize the day! There is not a moment to be wasted”. (From Worth Publishing website. http://www.worthpublishing.com/. Accessed 28th September 2013)


Publisher: Worth Publishing Ltd, London

ISBN: 1-903269-18-0

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