The Yellow Kite

The Yellow Kite is set up to advocate for children and young people who have been misunderstood and misinterpreted in our schools and communities for too long.

"Children are at risk of exclusion from the very places that could give them the opportunity of second chance learning. They are better known within our schools as “at risk”, “vulnerable”, “in need”, “looked after”, and “adopted”, but they have one thing in common: they have all experienced significant relational traumas and losses.

Yellow Kite believes that deep down every in every child, however invisible, hostile and rejecting they may seem, is a deep longing to be seen, known and truly understood. We seek to unlock the potential in every child and to make a connection with who the child was intended to become.

Our aims are:
1) to raise awareness of attachment difficulties and developmental vulnerability
2) to give a language to the behaviours that we see
3) to promote inclusion in every sense
4) to engage corporate responsibility in adaption and recovery so that these children & young people can have what they need in order to reach their potential"


Find online at: The Yellow Kite

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