Groups for Parents


There are a wide range of group work programmes designed to provide education, support and guidance to adoptive parents, foster carers, kinship carers and other caregivers.

Many Practitioners, Consultants and Trainers in DDP have designed and run groups focusing on parenting children who have experienced developmental trauma and who have attachments difficulties.

It is through this work with parents that practitioners have developed the ideas behind Dyadic Developmental Parenting.

DDPI Endorsed Parenting Programmes

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These are parenting programmes that are informed by DDP principles and have passed through the DDPI endorsement process.

It is recommended that DDPI Endorsed Parenting Programmes are run by facilitators who have undertaken at least Level One and preferably Level Two DDP training and are confident in the use and modelling of PACE.

Parenting Programmes by Kim Golding

Kim Golding

Kim Golding, who works in Worcester, England has been designing and running parenting groups for many years and is recognised as leading the way in this area.

She has published two parenting programmes, Nurturing Attachments Training Resource and Foundations for Attachment Training Resource, both of which are endorsed by DDPI.

Nurturing Attachments Training ResourceNurturing Attachments Training Resource
Nurturing Attachments Training Resource

Running Groups for Adoptive Parents and Carers of Children Who Have Experienced Early Trauma and Attachment Difficulties

View : Nurturing Attachments Training Resource

Parenting Programme by Deborah Page and Rachel Swann

Therapeutic Parenting with PACE is a group-work programme and training resource informed by attachment, trauma and Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy and Practice (DDP), and endorsed by DDPI.

Deborah Page is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and certified Practitioner and Consultant in DDP, and Rachel Swann is a Clinical Psychologist and Practitioner in DDP.