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Dyadic Developmental Practice and Psychotherapy (DDP) helps people from a wide range of professions support children who have experienced development trauma

Who is it for?

The DDP model can help in any role where you support children and families, including health care, social care, education and residential care, voluntary agencies and private practice.

What is DDP?

DDP (Dyadic Developmental Practice and Psychotherapy) puts together what we know about the impact of complex and developmental trauma, attachment theory, child development and neuropsychology to provide assessment, therapy and parenting approaches.

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Professionals who use DDP with adoptive, foster and birth families often use a combination of interventions. As well as therapy and parenting, these can include working with the teams and networks who care for children and who sometimes need to make difficult decisions about where children might live.

About working with a DDP Practitioner

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The DDP Journey takes you through DDP training, supervision and onto certification. Find out about the journey and how to get started.

How to get started

About Training

Training in DDP is relevant to all adults who support children that have experienced early-life trauma. Find out about DDP Level One, DDP Level Two, DDP PACE and other DDPI-Endorsed or supported training programmes.

About Training

Find a DDP Practitioner, Consultant or Trainer

Our Certified Practitioners, Consultants, Trainers and Practitioners in Training can help if you’d like a consultation, need therapy locally, supervision or more information about a training.

Find a DDP Practitioner

Find a Training, Group meeting or Event near you

You can find all open training, including DDP Level One, DDP Level Two, DDP Study and Supervision Groups, DDP Interest Groups and Workshops in our main Training listings.

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Find out how to become certified

Certification as a DDP Practitioner enables you to practice DDP within your specialism. Benefit from the support of our robust processes and membership community.

About becoming certified

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Support on your DDP journey

Find out about supervision, study, skills and special interest group support near you, online and for your specialism.

Find support on your DDP journey

Working with a DDP Practitioner


Practitioners offering Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy will have trained as therapists and received additional training and supervision to develop skill in providing DDP as a therapy.

All certified Practitioners, Trainers and Consultants in DDP can be found on the Find a Practitioner page.


All certified Practitioners in DDP can provide consultation to networks around children, to foster and adoptive parents, to residential staff and to schools. In consultations people think together about the child or young person’s psychological, emotional and developmental needs, and how these can be met.

Consultation can involve carers, parents and relatives, social workers, teachers, mental health staff, and team managers. Sometimes children and young people are involved directly.

For more information about DDP Consultation for organisations and companies, please see our Supporting Professionals page.