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Emma Lonsdale


B.A., M.Sc.; CPsychol;


United Kingdom


I have lived and worked in different countries and different cultures and everywhere some truths are the same – we cope best and have the best chance of joy when we feel safe and loved. All peoples need to be able to reach for and receive love and respect and help from one another. The Dyadic Developmental Practice gives me the tools to do this and I am always learning from and with those I meet.

I continue to be thrilled and excited using a Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy approach in my work with organisations and teams, carers and parents of distressed and challenged children and teenagers. It is a privilege to be able to help grow people's understanding of how early events impact our capacity for relational safety and to help people in their story of emotional recovery.

I am honoured to be working as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist with Northumberland County Council Children's Services and a fabulous team of Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust colleagues in the Northumberland Emotional Wellbeing Service (NEWST).

As always I thoroughly enjoy opportunities for supervising and training and DDP working and I am happy to be approached for connection.

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Thirsk, North Yorkshire


England – Yorkshire, North East, Cumbria, Northumberland Scotland – Scottish Borders