Emma Lonsdale


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Emma is in the process of completing the practicum to become a Consultant in DDP with Kim Golding as her Primary Consultant


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Emma Lonsdale


B.A., M.Sc.; CPsychol;


United Kingdom


I continue to be thrilled and excited using a Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy approach in my work with distressed and challenged young people and families. It is a privilege to be able to help in children's recovery from the hurts that happened so early in their lives.
All my experience  – in adult mental health, in adult primary care, in child and family services, in CAMHS and in private practice – has clarified for me the importance of relationship connection which empowers people of all ages.
I have lived and worked in different countries and different cultures and everywhere some truths are the same – we cope best and have the best chance of joy when we feel safe and loved. All peoples need to be able to reach for and receive love and respect and help from one another. The DDP approach gives me the tools to do this and I continue to learn from and with my clients.

Currently I work within the Northeast and North Yorkshire. I am available for a small amount of private work, some of which can take place via video-conferencing.

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Reg. No. PYL34265

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Thirsk, North Yorkshire


North Yorkshire, England