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Georgia Cooper


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I have been a BACP registered therapist since 2002 working in education, NHS & the voluntary sector. Since 2013 I have a private practice in Leeds (UK) and my clinic is a local authority 'approved provider' of adoption support services. I also supervise therapists working with children and adults.

I was for many years a youth arts worker, building strong therapeutic relationships with disadvantaged families & young people. I have particular experience supporting looked after children, teenage parents and birth families.

DDP enables me to use my creative and playful approaches in a structured therapeutic space that offers strong building blocks for change to children, young people and families where trauma is present.

I see DDP/PACE as a 'way of being' rather than a technique and I have a strong desire to enable the UK education system to understand trauma presentations in school so staff can better support all children.

During my Practicum I designed a community based group programme for parents 'at risk' of CP services intervention, enabling them to understand their personal history and the impact it may have on their parenting choices whilst introducing them to PACE. I hope to develop this further in the future.


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0113 224 2313


Leeds, West Yorkshire, England