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Leah is in the process of completing the practicum to become a Consultant in DDP with Courtney Rennicke as her Primary Consultant


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Leah Millward




My early career was focused on Early Childhood education whereby I worked with families and children for 10 years. Whilst engaged in this profession I spent a lot of time advocating for children with additional needs and their families. I became very passionate about equality and that all families should have access to services and support for their children irrespective of their diagnosis. My own personal journey of loss of a child then led me to the field of Social Work. After the completion of my degree I mixed my personal, early career experiences with families and children into the Child and Youth Mental Health Sector. I spent a small time in working in the Child Protection sector and Child and Youth Mental Health and have now worked in a specialist Child and Youth Mental Health team for the past 12 years. This team works predominately with children in the child protection system who have experienced significant trauma and multiple losses in relationships.

I am very passionate about DDP practice and have spent many years practicing my skills, watching snippets of any qualified practitioner to build up my own skills. I intend on using DDP in my work with children in

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Toowoomba, Queensland, QLD