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Louise is in the process of completing the practicum to become a Consultant in DDP with Kim Golding as her Primary Consultant


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Louise Faulkner (Crangle)


United Kingdom


I am so delighted to be part of the DDP Community and particularly proud to be the first, but not the last, Certified Practitioner and PACE Trainer (Supported by DDP Connects UK) from the Social Work Profession, on the island of Ireland. I have been a therapeutic Social Worker for over 25 years supporting families and until recently, managed a multi disciplinary Therapeutic Team for Looked After and Adopted Children in Northern Ireland. Subsequently, my primary focus is now my private practice, HENOSIS Therapeutic Family Services, previously Louise Crangle Faulkner Therapeutic Services, offering consultation, training for professionals and families, reflective practice and supervision with professional groups and individuals, group work interventions including Kim Golding's Foundations for Attachment programme, along with direct work, face to face and online, across Ireland and the United Kingdom. I am also a Coach for the British Association of Social Workers, Professional Support Service and have completed Foundation Certification in Theraplay, and plan to continue my practicum. My DDP journey continues to significantly influence my professional and personal life. But most importantly, it continues to support the families, who courageously strive to repair from their hurts and invite me to join them on their journey.

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