Maria Silvina Gioseffi


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Maria Silvina is in the process of completing the practicum to become a Consultant in DDP with Jane Foulkes as their Primary Consultant


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Maria Silvina Gioseffi


Chartered Clinical Psychologist (BPS)


United Kingdom


I trained in clinical psychology and worked in the public sector for more than 20 years. Most of my clinical experience has been in the National Health Service (NHS) and in Social Care in the UK and prior to that I worked in South America with children and families affected by domestic violence and abuse. I led a fostering and therapeutic service in Social Care and a specialist mental health service (NHS) for children in care and adopted. I was also chair of an Adoption Panel.

Whilst completing further training in child abuse and neglect in USA in 1995 I first heard about Daniel Hughes’ clinical work, before DDP was developed as a widely recognised model. I remained curious about this approach and today I feel fully identified with the ethos, values and style of therapeutic relationship attached to this way of supporting children and families affected by developmental trauma.

I am a certified practitioner in DDP and offer therapeutic interventions to adoptive and foster families. I also offer training and consultations to a variety of organisations including fostering and adoption agencies and education.