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Practitioner in DDP, Consultant in DDP

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Michelle Surridge


United Kingdom


Michelle is a certified DDP Practitioner, DDP Consultant and a P-A-C-E trainer (supported by DDP Connects UK) with over a decade of experience working in the field of early trauma and attachment. As a registered Senior Adoption Social Worker, Michelle supports children and families both within an adoption agency role and in her private practice.

Michelle is passionate about helping children who have experienced hurt or neglect in the past to enjoy healthier and stronger relationships with their caregivers, to start making sense of their past and to trust the love and care that their families are giving them now. Michelle provides parents and carers with a safe and supportive space as they help their child to recover and heal from their past trauma.

Michelle offers supervision and consultancy to individuals and groups of professionals with an interest in DDP both in the UK and overseas, including the online DDP Southeast Interest Group (supported by DDP Connects UK). Michelle is also a member of the DDPI Global Development Committee (GDC) acting as the Lead Consultant for Norway.


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Surrey, Berkshire, England