Philip McAleese



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DDP Connects UK

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Philip McAleese


Consultant Clinical Psychologist BSc(Hons) DClinPsy AFBPsS


United Kingdom


Philip has worked across a range of settings, supporting children, young people and their families. Following graduation Philip worked with 16-18 year olds who found themselves to be homeless and he then went on to train and support staff who worked with vulnerable people of all ages, mostly living within residential settings. Since completing his Doctor of Clinical Psychology training at Sheffield University, Philip has worked within NHS CAMHS settings offering specialist services to children and young people who live in foster care, residential care, or have been adopted. In addition, he has offered consultation and direct therapeutic work to young people living within secure residential settings.

Between 2009 and 2018 Philip worked full-time within the Nottinghamshire CAMHS CLA and Adoption Team, a multi-agency and multi-disciplinary team within Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, offering consultation, direct therapeutic intervention for young people and their families, supervision and training.

Philip now works independently, dedicating his time to his role as Director of DDP Connects UK and his work as a DDP Practitioner, Trainer and Consultant.

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