DDP integrates research in the areas of attachment theory, developmental trauma, the neurobiology of trauma, attachment and caregiving, intersubjectivity theory and child development.

Since Dan Hughes first developed DDP over 30 years ago, much has been written about how and why these theories, and the research associated with them, have influenced the development of the therapy and subsequent treatment models.

A comprehensive summary of the evidence base was published by the British Psychological Society, Summer 2014. “Dyadic Developmental Practice (DDP): A framework for Therapeutic Intervention and Parenting” briefly describes the model before discussing the range of ways that DDP is influencing practice in the UK. Case studies are used to illustrate this and the evidence base is described.

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Evidence base for DDP

Information about the evidence base for DDP, including how DDPI are supporting ongoing development through guidance and research.

Selected Evidence Base examples

Selected published research that contributes to our growing evidence base.

DDP Research Announcements

The latest research news and announcements from the DDP Network are listed on the DDP Research Announcements page.

Published Research

An up-to-date listing of all published research in the DDP Resource Library can be found on our Published Research page.

Contact the Research team

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