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Jon Baylin & Dan Hughes “From Mistrust to Trust: A brain-based therapy model” DDP UK Conference Proceedings Birmingham 10-11 Nov 2014

In their presentation "From Mistrust to Trust: A Brain-Based Relational Model for Helping Defensive Children Learn to Trust", Dan Hughes and Jon Baylin presented a model of the change process in attachment-focused therapy that is based on social developmental neuroscience. With thanks to Jon Baylin and Dan Hughes for giving permission for their presentation to be reproduced here.


Dan Hughes & Jon Baylin “How DDP & PACE reawaken the capacity to feel the need for comfort and joy” DDP Canada Conf Proceedings 6-8 Oct 2014

Dan and Jon's presentation focused on how the brain develops with comfort and joy: How DDP and PACE promote reversal learning, new neuropsychological relational patterns, affect regulation, and then reawaken the child's capacity to feel the need for both comfort and joy from his or her parents or other caregivers.