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Dan Hughes “Conference Reflections” DDP UK Conference Birmingham 10-11 Nov 2014

Dan Hughes's conference reflections are included here, particularly the importance of not forgetting the value of the core work of DDP - helping children to stay regulated and begin to experience the joy of reciprocal connections with their parent, caregiver and therapist. Also included here is the conference programme. Dan's profile is included as is Julie Hudson's as they both chaired the conference.


Julie Hudson Curiosity, Crying & Loss. DDP Canada Conf Proceedings 6-8 Oct 2014

Moving from “You’re Weird! “ to “How Come You’re Weird? - The beginnings of curiosity in the shift from Mistrust to Trust in developmentally traumatised children. Jon Baylin and Dan Hughes have developed helpful concepts about how some children develop core constructs of Mistrust rather than Trust in their relationships with parents. Julie's presentation focused on how children and adolescents begin to become interested in how other people think and feel.

Dyadic Developmental Practice (DDP): A framework for Therapeutic Intervention and Parenting

This is a publication of the Division of Clinical Psychology Faculty for Children, Young People and Their Families. The review's mission is to promote and share good quality clinical writing and research within the field of child, adolescent and family clinical psychology by publishing annual themed editions expressing a range of views and ideas and research around a pertinent topic. The authors of this paper are all Chartered/Registered Psychologists, Therapists and DDP Practitioners and Consultants who either work in the NHS or Independent Practice.

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