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CairnsMoir Connections

CairnsMoir Connections, a UK organisation, based in Scotland, offer conference bookstalls, online sales and resource signposting for those living or working with children impacted by trauma.

Jon Baylin & Dan Hughes “From Mistrust to Trust: A brain-based therapy model” DDP UK Conference Proceedings Birmingham 10-11 Nov 2014

In their presentation "From Mistrust to Trust: A Brain-Based Relational Model for Helping Defensive Children Learn to Trust", Dan Hughes and Jon Baylin presented a model of the change process in attachment-focused therapy that is based on social developmental neuroscience. With thanks to Jon Baylin and Dan Hughes for giving permission for their presentation to be reproduced here.


Dan Hughes “Conference Reflections” DDP UK Conference Birmingham 10-11 Nov 2014

Dan Hughes's conference reflections are included here, particularly the importance of not forgetting the value of the core work of DDP - helping children to stay regulated and begin to experience the joy of reciprocal connections with their parent, caregiver and therapist. Also included here is the conference programme. Dan's profile is included as is Julie Hudson's as they both chaired the conference.


Joy Gamble “Working with avoidant children”. DDP UK Conference Proceedings Birmingham 10-11 Nov 2014

Joy shared some of her challenges in working with highly avoidant children who have been difficult to engage in DDP. Joy's presentation looked at working with resistance, trusting in the process and building an inter subjective relationship. It also highlighted the importance of supervision. Joy showed some clips of her work and shared some of her stories in working with avoidant children. Joy's presentation focused on her clinical work and so the downloadable slides below will primarily serve as a reminder to those who were present rather than stand-alone as a power point presentation.

Kim S. Golding “Using stories to build bridges with traumatized children” DDP UK Conference Proceedings Birmingham 10-11 Nov 2014

The search for stories is at the heart of DDP and a natural extension of this is the creating of fictional stories as an indirect way to share experience with families. In this presentation Kim shared her reflections about finding stories in her work with children, families and practitioners. She introduced her book, published this summer, read us a story.

Dan Hughes & Jon Baylin “How DDP & PACE reawaken the capacity to feel the need for comfort and joy” DDP Canada Conf Proceedings 6-8 Oct 2014

Dan and Jon's presentation focused on how the brain develops with comfort and joy: How DDP and PACE promote reversal learning, new neuropsychological relational patterns, affect regulation, and then reawaken the child's capacity to feel the need for both comfort and joy from his or her parents or other caregivers.


Play Kenya

Play Kenya is a registered charity set up to help the children in Kenya deal with the trauma and loss that they experience in their lives.

New Families, Old Scripts, Adoption, Foster care

A Guide to the Language of Trauma and Attachment in Adoptive Families


Why Can’t My Child Behave?

Empathic Parenting Strategies that Work for Adoptive and Foster Families