DDP Connects UK Inclusion Fund

DDP Connects UK is committed to greater diversity and inclusion both in our own work and across the DDP community.

We fully support the commitment made by DDPI to embrace diversity and inclusion as an integral aspect of their mission, vision and values. As one step towards this, DDP Connects UK set up an Inclusion Fund in 2022.

What does the fund cover?

The aim of the Inclusion Fund is to support people who want to promote and develop specific areas of their DDP practice, post DDP Level One training. This might include support to access further DDP training or help to develop DDP skills through one of the DDP Practicums. It might also include contributing to the development of DDP informed services and interventions.

Up to £2000 of funding per tax year will be provided, with the option to apply for consideration of more funding if that runs out. The fund is able to support up to 5 applications during 2024.

Who can apply?

The Inclusion Fund offers financial support to any DDP community member who identifies as being from a diverse group, who lives and/or works in the UK and Ireland, and has completed DDP Level One.

The term ‘diverse group’ has been used intentionally at this stage. Many people may identify as being part of a diverse, under-represented or marginalised group; for this Inclusion Fund parameters have not been placed around this.

How can I apply?

If you consider yourself eligible you can apply for an Inclusion Fund grant.

As a applicant, your request for funding will ideally be supported by a DDP Practitioner, Consultant or Trainer who can help with the process. If you do not have links with anyone in these roles, DDP Connects UK welcomes applicants making contact directly so that one of the Directors can discuss and support if needed.

Please provide a brief outline of no more than 500 words in a format of your choosing. It should provide some background to help us understand your request and state what you would like to use the funding for.

Please also include where you are on your training journey (i.e. completed DDP Level One, completed DDP Level Two, DDP Practitioner Practicum, DDP Practitioner, DDP Consultant Practicum, DDP Consultant, DDP Trainer Practicum). The hope is that this is not a lengthy or onerous application process.

Applications should be e-mailed to Izzy at izzy@ddpnetwork.org. The application will be acknowledged as quickly as possible and then reviewed by DDP Connects UK Directors. 

If you have any questions please email Izzy using the details above or use our Contact page.


If you are being funded to complete either the DDP Practitioner, Consultant or Trainer Practicum we can help pair you with a DDP supervisor, if you do not already have one. The supervisor will then invoice DDP Connects UK for services provided every 6 months for their time. Invoicing is for work completed.

As the diversity fund is a new and developing initiative, these criteria and processes will be reviewed in early 2025.